Specialized Feline Hospital

Catzablanca Cat Clinic and Hospital is a full service feline hospital dedicated exclusively to cats. We are "cat experts" that only concentrate on specialized feline health care for your feline companions.


Call us at 860-721-6369! We are here for all of your cats needs!


Our boarding facility is the "Purrr-fect" solution when in need. Our well-trained staff will leave your mind at ease while you are away!

Our Veterinarians

I'm Larry and I'm here to help with my very own blog! With my blog I will help my fellow felines and their "staff" live better and healthier lives! Check out my blog here!

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Our Services

  • Hospital & Medical Care
  • Wellness Plans
  • Laboratory
  • Laser Therapy
  • Surgical Suite
  • Digital X-Rays & Ultrasound
  • Dental Care
  • Boarding Facility
  • Grooming & Spa

Ask About our Well Kitten Programs! These programs can save you 20% for your kittens first year of life! Included are Well Exams, Vaccines, Blood Testing, Neuter or Spay Surgery, and more!

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Catzablanca offers a state of the art in house laboratory, utilizing Idexx tools and equipment. A large portion of our lab work is done right here, giving our doctors immediate results, leading to better care for your cats.  Some of the tests we offer on site are: fecal exams, ear and skin cytology, complete urinalysis, […]

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For many types of pain and inflammation our Grady Laser does the trick.  This unit is portable, powerful and safe.  We use Laser Therapy Treatments: post dental extractions, for gingivitis, periodontal disease, stomatitis, arthritis pain, wound care, post surgical procedures, for chronic ear infections, bladder issues and more. How does Laser Therapy work? The laser […]

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Digital X-Rays and performing ultrasounds are an important veterinary diagnostic tool to be able to see what is going on internally without the need for invasive surgeries. Digital Radiology Digital X-Rays give us an instant picture of what is going on internally. They produce highly detailed images, and when needed – easy access to consultations […]

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If you notice your cat’s breath keeps you from cuddling close or you have noticed that some of their eating habits have changed, this may be an indication that they need a dental exam. As with our own dental care, annual cleanings ,(to remove bacteria that cause infection) can help prevent painful gum disease, tooth […]

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