Dental Care & Special for August


Dental Care is very important!! Catzablanca Cat Clinic & Hospital would like to offer:

The August Dental Special of 15% off a Dental Cleaning and a free Laser treatment post cleaning.

If you notice your cat’s breath keeps you from cuddling close or you have noticed that some of their eating habits have changed, this may be an indication that they need a dental exam.

As with our own dental care, annual cleanings ,(to remove bacteria that cause infection) can help prevent painful gum disease, tooth loss, heart disease and kidney disease.
To keep your feline friend healthy and happy we recommend annual dental exams.

Signs of Dental Disease in Cats

Bad Breath
Sore Mouth
Pawing or Rubbing of the Mouth
Bleeding Gums
Difficulty Eating
Loss of Appetite
Loose or Loss of Teeth
Drooling or Dribbling
Yellow/Brown tarter on teeth

Preventing Dental Disease

Brush Teeth
Oral Exams by Veterinarian
Dental Cleanings

Call us to book a Dental Examination or a Dental cleaning! 860-721-6369

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